Learn Safe and Futuristic Desert Driving Skills!

Our exclusive course on Desert Driving focuses on inculcating driving skills in students for off- road and desert driving. It is a full day course which teaches the students about handling and driving aspects of a 4 x 4 automobile in the awesome deserts of UAE. The student is allotted a very friendly instructor of the same gender who teaches the student the desert driving skills in the language the student prefers. Our instructors are highly experienced professionals from highly technical driving backgrounds. Therefore, you will be in highly safe hands at the time you are in the desert learning the desert driving skills.

Our thorough desert driving courses are designed to inculcate all kinds of driving skills in the student including ascents, descents, soft sand driving, traversing, etc. We also emphasize on other aspects of desert driving like desert survival and self-recovery methods.

The procedure and style of imparting our course modules have a simple yet powerful impact on the learner who is able to learn desert driving skills in a short time. The course has been drafted and brought to practice after extensive research. The course itself has been divided into 6 phases viz. Introduction to off-road driving; Techniques of driving in high sand dunes; Enhancement of driving skills in the deep sand; Driving skills enrichment while driving in the soft sand; Self recovery techniques; and Survival in the desert.

We also impart the student mechanical knowledge of the vehicles which is vital for exploiting the full strength and maneuverability of any vehicle. The knowledge becomes all the more important in the desert and many-a-times knowledge of the vehicle is crucial for desert driving or desert survival.

BDC instructors will also provide you knowledge of the desert situations and topographies so that you are more comfortable and confident while driving a vehicle into the desert. We provide the students survival tips so that they are on top of every adverse situation and sail through the abnormalities with ease.

For enrolling in the program, you have to get yourself registered at BDC desert driving course. We also offer discounts for multiple enrollments.



Learn Defensive Driving Skills at Belhasa Driving Center.

Most Motorists are not intentionally dangerous. They want to be responsible drivers and to interact safely with others on the road. However many lack the knowledge and understanding of the risks involved in driving or they miss the skills, attitude or motivation to do so.

As soon as you see a mistake and don't fix it, it becomes your mistake.

Our Defensive Driving Course covers all the basic and important aspects of defensive driving. We impart your practical training on respective vehicle of their desired course. Our course focuses on driving aspects like safe driving technique, positive attitude and behavior and systematic driving. We also provide the students with knowledge and training on other aspects of driving like identification of blind spots, skids and their avoidance, avoiding of emergency situations, the effects of alcohol/stress/fatigue, etc. We provide our students with theoretical and practical sessions on hazards that include both potential and actual involved while driving.

Our Defensive Driving Course has been designed according to the International safe driving practices. The course will create safer drivers who are able to think actively about their behavior and also the behavior of other road users.

Our defensive driving course removes your stress while driving. The students who pass the course are able to be more confident while driving and have a positive attitude. The course attendees are also less likely to suffer from an accident.

The defensive driving course is designed for all kinds of vehicles, including light motor vehicle, heavy truck and bus, light bus, and motorcycle. As well safe operation courses for Mechanical equipments.

“Prepare and prevent, don't repair and repent”

You can join now and register yourself for the course by making a call to BDC. We provide a discount to companies who send multiple delegates to us for defensive driving training.



Become A Professional Driver!

At Belhasa Driving Center, we offer specialized training courses for driving heavy and light buses. The course is designed after extensive research and touches on all basic and fine aspects of heavy bus driving. The main focus is on areas including an increase in safety margins, up gradation and improvement of customer service, reduction of vehicle running cost and improvement in passenger relations. We have amalgamated new and most modern defensive driving techniques into the course. The course also includes sessions on the modern and accepted coach driver practices.

The course prepares the students for the heavy bus driver exam. After successfully completing the course, they are able to pass the traffic police RTA driving test. The students can also obtain the Dubai Driving License under Category 6. The student can drive passenger buses in Dubai and UAE once he/she completes the course and passes the RTA bus driver road test.

The course structure has many of the same technical components that are found in other courses. The additions are in areas of passenger safety and care. Apart from driving the bus, the driver should also care for other aspects such as sitting arrangement of children, grabbing of the hand rails, handling of emergency situations like accident or fire, etc.

Eligibility for the Heavy and Light Bus Driver Course Need to segregate Heavy & Light bus information

1. The applicant must be at least 21 years of age.

2. Students who have Light Motor Vehicle Driving License and an experience of 3 years or more can apply for the course.

New Eligibility Conditions Requirements issued by RTA

RTA also requires the commercial drivers to undergo medical fitness exams. A driver will only get his/her commercial driver license/permit after successfully passing the medical fitness test. The procedure for appearing for the fitness test is as follows:(For Heavy and light buses medical fitness not required)

1. You have to register with a driving institute (BDC) and open your traffic file.

2. You will have to appear for the RTA medical; fitness exam at an RTA approved medical center during your training period.

Other Conditions of Eligibility

The student must pass the optical test or eye test that specifically meets the requirements of the bus driver eye judging criteria. The applicant should pass all the yard tests, road tests and undertake all the practical training classes successfully.

Course structure

The student has to register himself/herself at the Belhasa Driving Center. After attending the mandatory initial sessions, he/she will be required to appear for a theory test. The student will then have to appear for the yard test which includes slope and offset (reverse) test. There will be training classes also. Once the student clears the yard test, he/she is eligible for the bus road test. The bus driver license is issued after the student passes the road test.

Document requirements for registering for the course

**Age should be 21 years or older

1. 2 Set of passport copies with valid Dubai Residence Visa.

2. 5 Passport sized photographs.

3. Online eye test passing certification. The students can appear for the eye test at Belhasa Driving Center or any other optical center that is duly registered.

4. NOC from the sponsor.

5. Original UAE Driving License and copy (IF holding).

6. A person who has a traffic-fine, must first clear the fine so that his/her traffic file can be opened.

We offer one to one instructor-student ratio for learning the course. You can learn the course in any language you want.

Note. Assessment test is not mentioned which is conducted by BDC. Heavy and bus must be segregated because both have deferent procedures. Direct road test student also has deferent procedures.



Learn Advanced Light Fork Lift Driving (Operating) Skills!

The Light Fork Lift Driving Learning Course is specially designed by the Forklift Driving Professionals after extensive research. The course covers all the basic, minute and modern elements of Light Forklift Driving and provides for safe driving techniques learning and advance skill attainment. The drivers are able to avoid accidents and are also more efficient after successfully completing the course.

The course training sessions and practical classes include:

1. Introduction to all kinds of forklifts.

2. Practical works of forklifts.

3. Pre-operation safety checks for light forklifts.

4. Inspection and maintenance during takeovers.

5. Use of all features of the hydraulic system including controls, levers etc.

6. Stacking and de-stacking of forklifts.

7. Knowledge and overcoming of adverse situations like fatigue, stress, alcohol, etc.

8. The session on aspects like building of free standing stacks, stability and load handling etc.

9. Assessment of practical driving.

10. Transportation of loads in the confined areas including ramps, etc.

Our course provides for detailed sessions on loading and engine capacity. The student learns how to use the levers and other controls more efficiently. The student is able to operate the forklift in different areas and situations and can also work in all types of weather situations including tough and adverse situations after successfully passing the course. The special training sessions focus on aspects like improvement of forklift operation skills, increase of efficiency and reduction of forklift maintenance expenses etc.

The light weight forklifts mostly are below 7 tons. The students will be taught how to adjust the load angles and how to load different kinds of materials.

Documentary requirements for joining the diver learner course

1. Original emirates of UAE ID card.

2. Passport (Not required) and two copies of the passport with valid Dubai residence.

3. 4 Photographs of passport size.

4. Eye test passing certification.

5. NOC or No Objection Certificate from the employer.

You can join the course at any of the branches of Belhasa Driving Center or at the main center itself. We also have in-house facilities for the eye test. You can get the training in any language you want. We provide one-to-one student-teacher ratio so that the each student gets the individual attention of the instructors. You can learn the course in any language you want.

Note. We suggest merging the information about heavy/light forklifts on one page with the name of mechanical equipment course.



Learn Specialized Driving!

Our futuristic school offers you the most advanced course for operating heavy forklift/ shovel. The minute aspects of the course are:

1. Identifications of the regulations for operation.

2. Identification of the job site hazards.

3. Identification of the safety guidelines.

4. Identification and demonstration of maintenance and inspection works of the vehicle.

5. Identification and demonstration of the hand signals that are used for operating the vehicle.

6. Identification of the set up (vehicle, electronic, etc.) that is required for performing the tasks.

7. Identification and demonstration of the operational techniques.

The course will enable you to pass the RTA driving test. Once you pass the test, you will be able to Operate Heavy Forklifts/Shovels.

We have also included all the technical and mechanical knowhow in our forklift operating course. Separate and detailed lessons are provided on the engine and loading capacity of the forklift, use of different types of levers and their control, operation of the forklift in different working areas and extreme weather conditions, etc. After passing the course, you will be able to increase the efficiency of the forklift, reduce the maintenance expenditures of the Machine, significantly reduce the number of accidents that may occur and improve your Forklift operating skills. We also provide specific lectures and training sessions on the loading aspects of forklifts. You will learn about the right angle of load adjustment, usage of the loading bucket with levers at different levels of bucket operation and other minute aspects of the load bucket operation.

Eligibility for joining the Forklift Operator Course

There are certain conditions that you must fulfill in order to join the Forklift Driver Course at Belhasa Driving Center

1. You must be at least 20 years of age.

2. You must have good vision so that you can pass the eye test at Belhasa Driving Center.

3. If you have a traffic fine, then you must clear the fine so that your traffic file can be opened.

Document requirements for joining the Forklift Driver Course

You will be required to have the following documents at the time of registration (for joining the course)

1. 2 passport copies with valid Dubai Residence Visa.

2. UAE ID card or Emirates ID card.

3. Eye Test Certification if you have already passed the test from a registered optical.

4. NOC (No Objection certificate) from the employer.

We offer a one-to-one instructor student ratio for learning the course. You can learn the course in any language you want.



Polish Your Skills For Heavy Truck Driving!

Our Heavy Truck Driving Learning Course aims to increase safety margins and reduce the vehicle’s running costs. To attain the said goals, we have amalgamated the course with the latest defensive driving practices and techniques. The course also aims to improve the performance and safety of the driver. It encourages the attainment of a positive driving attitude in the drivers and students. Moreover, it enhances the awareness and professionalism of the heavy truck drivers.

Course structure

Our course covers all the basic and minute elements of truck driving including:

1. Practical training sessions and lectures.

2. Development of systematic driving skills.

3. Knowledge of adverse factors like fatigue, stress, and alcohol.

4. Avoidance of skids.

5. Handling of emergency and adverse situations.

6. The course prepares the students for the heavy truck driving course. After successfully completing the course at BDC, the students will be able to pass the RTA driving test for heavy trucks. They will be allotted their licenses by RTA under category 6. 4

7. RTA’s new requirements for truck driver license.

8. To obtain the truck driver license, a student is also required to pass successfully the medical fitness test from an RTA approved medical center.

Eligibility for joining the Truck Driving Learning Course

The eligibility conditions for driving the course are:

1. The student must be at least 21 years of age.

2. He/she must have proper eyesight and must be certified as having good eyesight from a licensed optical center.

Documents requirements for joining the truck driver course

1. 2 passport copies with a valid Dubai Residence Visa.

2. Original Emirates or UAE ID card.

3. 4 passport size photographs.

4. NOC (No Objection Certificate from the Sponsor).

Registrations for the course

Students can register themselves for the course at any branch of Belhasa Driving Center or at its main center. We have in-house facilities for conducting the eye test. We offer a one-to-one instructor student ratio for learning the course. The student can learn the course in any language he/she wants.



Handle Any LMV With An Equal Ease!

We at Belhasa Driving Center or BDC have an extensive fleet of more than 650 light motor vehicles for teaching students the most advanced and futuristic driving skills that are unmatched. We offer a 1 to 1 instructor-student ratio so that each of our important students gets the individualized attention of the instructors.

Our futuristic LMV driving learning courses are designed after extensive research. Our course covers all the basic and minute aspects of LMV driving. Some of the course highlights are:

1. Lectures and practical sessions.

2. Parking learning including garage parking, side parking, and hill parking.

3. Use of LMV instruments like Clutch, Accelerator, Brakes, etc.

4. Learning of signals (sessions include both theory and test sessions).

5. Learning of systematic driving skills.

6. Development of observation skills, improvement of reaction time and bettering of timings.

7. Learning of blind spots, lane discipline and lane changing.

8. Learning of vehicle control skills and enhancement of attentiveness.

9. Handling of emergency situations.

10. Knowledge and improvement of hazards which pose actual and potential risks.

11. Development of best attitude and learning of safe and defensive driving skills.

Eligibility conditions for joining the LMV driving course

1. The student must be at-least 17 years of age.

2. He must have an eye test certification obtained from an approved and licensed eye testing center.

Documentary requirements

**Age should be 17 years or older

1. Two Passport Copies with Valid Dubai Residence Visa.

2. Original Emirates ID card and a copy required.

3. 5 Passport Size Photographs.

4. Online eye test passing certification. (The students can appear for the eye test at Belhasa Driving Center or any other optical center that is duly registered).

5. No Objection letter from Sponsor.

**License will be issued only upon completing at age 18 Years.

Documents required for Female students, who want to be trained by male instructor.

1. Passport copy and valid visa copy of Student.

2. A no objection certificate from parent/guardians/husband, etc. 55

3. Passport copy if the student is sponsored by the father/husband.

4. AED 20, as additional charges.

Documents Required for those who are holding Home Country license:

**Age should be 17 years and 6 Months or older

1. Two Passport Copies with Valid Dubai Residence Visa.

2. Original Emirates ID card and a copy required.

3. 5 Passport Size Photographs.

4. Online eye test passing certification. (The students can appear for the eye test at Belhasa Driving Center or any other optical center that is duly registered).

5. No Objection letter from Sponsor.

Students who do not have any driving license will be considered as beginners and will have to undergo all the classes of the course. Students who possess driving licenses of other countries will have to attend lesser classes.

We have an in-house eye testing facility. We provide one-to-one student instructor ratio. A student can learn LMV driving in any language he/she prefers.



Learn Motorcycle Riding in the most exciting manner!

The Motorcycle Riding Learning course offered at BDC is designed after extensive research. The course offers a complete package of all the driving learning skills that are associated with motorcycle riding. The course is effective in developing advanced motorcycle riding learning skills in new beginners who want to ride motorcycles and have no experience in this regard. We also have one other course which is specially designed for old motorcycle riders who wish to refresh the motorcycle riding skills and would like to take their motorcycle riding skills to the next level. The courses cover all the essential and minute aspects of motorcycle riding like handling a motorcycle in difficult terrains and adverse situations, riding a motorcycle in city traffic including high traffic, etc. Some of the minute aspects of motorcycle riding learning course are:

1. Understanding the usage of the systems involved in motorcycle control.

2. Starting and stopping drills.

3. Moving brake test.

4. Maneuverability training.

5. Positioning of the motorcycle.

6. Accurate and smooth usage of hand and foot controls.

7. Learning of defensive driving capabilities.

Eligibility conditions for joining the course

1. The student must be at least 17 years of age.

Documentary requirements

1. Original UAE ID card.

2. 2 passport copies with valid Dubai Residence Visa.

3. 4 passport size photographs.

4. Eye test pass certification.

5. NOC from sponsor.

Students from other countries who have a motorcycle riding license can also register for the course. They must have their riding license. These students will have to attend fewer classes in comparison to the beginner level students. They can also get a new license at BDC if they do not have such license. This license will grant them permission for riding a motorcycle in UAE and not in their home/original country.

We have in-house eye testing facilities. Therefore if a student has not got his/her eye tested, he/she can get it done at Belhasa Driving Center itself.

We provide one-to-one student instructor ratio which means that each student has a single instructor. This ensures that each student gets individualized attention of the instructor and learns the course at his/her own pace. The student can learn the course in any language he/she wants.


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